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Moga's FAQ

1.What program do you use to draw with?
I use Paint tool SAI. I sometimes also use Photoshop CS5 (like when doing GIFs) and am trying to work my way to only painting digitally with that software.

2.What kind of tablet do you use to draw with?
I have a Wacom Bamboo Create, also known as my baby.

3.Do you usually scan a drawing from paper and then color digitally?
I draw entirely digitally. Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. I actually do a lot of traditional drawings, which you can see on my Instagram.

4.Do you take requests/trades/commissions/suggestions for comics?
At the present I am not open for commissions.
As for requests and art trades, I rarely rarely do either of those. You can ask, but I can almost guarantee the answer will be “No”.
If you have an idea for a killer comic, feel free to message me. Although, truly, you should draw the comic yourself! If you have a fantastic idea and a great message, no one cares about your drawing skills.

5.How long have you been drawing? How did you start?
I have been drawing since about 1st grade (I won a blue ribbon at the country fair, nbd). But I didn’t really start to take my art seriously until sophomore year of high school (four years ago).

6. Where does your inspiration come from?
I’m inspired by all the amazing artists here on the web! 90% of the people I follow on tumblr/deviantart/instagram are artists who inspire me.
Whether it be their drawing style, their use of color, or even the fantastic ideas for comics/paintings, each artist I follow offers something to the art realm that I find absolutely fantastic!
If I had to choose a few of my biggest inspirations, it would have to be Fukari, Viria, Britt Meyers, Loish and HamletMachine.
As for what inspires my comics, that all stems from things that happen to me in my life. For example, one of my most popular drawings "Drowning", was created in a dark time of my life where I was feeling weighed down by everything life demanded of me.

7.Can I use one of your drawings as my wallpaper/icon or use it for video/project?
I would be honored! Just make sure you properly credit me.

8.Can I use your drawing as a reference?
Sure thing! But, again, you will need to properly credit me. And, to be truthful, there’s way better artists out there to reference from.

9.What does your nickname mean?
Moga is the name my parents gave me when I was like a couple months old. It’s short for Mowgli, the main character in The Jungle Book.

10. What’s your real name?
Ah! Excellent question! You know it reminds me of this one time I was eating oreos and my dog came over and ate all of them when I wasn’t looking and I was forced to go back to the store and wow, what a mess. Next question!

11.How old are you? When is your birthday?
I am 19 and my birthday’s May 24th

12. Where are you from and what languages do you speak?
I am from the pacific northwest, United States and I speak English and French.

13. What and where are you currently studying?
I am an art major with a double minor in business and comix studies at my state’s university.

If you still have a question that I didn’t answer here, feel free to ask! I promise I don’t bite!
Have an amazing day :)


Artbymoga's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi! Thanks for visiting my page! My name is Moga (Mow-guh) and I'm a 19 year old art and comics studies student.

Feel free to check out my tumblr! Its:
Or follow me on Instagram: @ artbymoga

Commissions: CLOSED

Hope you have a wonderful day!




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The-Psychid Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015   Writer
Hi.  How's it been?
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How do you start your base poses? Do you have any bases?
Artbymoga Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Sorry I don't have any bases, but when it comes to determining poses, I use this Deviant's amazing account:
EllieWeird Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Awesome! thanks so much!!! :)
Artbymoga Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No problem :D have a good one!
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I love your webcam England (Laughing) [V3] Dignity Laugh Tomoya Okazaki (Laughing Hard) [V1] Laugh LOL Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
Artbymoga Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you ^_^ Bob Ross is #1
WillowMasqurade Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Student General Artist
haha yeah ive watched him a few times :P not this episode though 
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Thanks for the fav! :la:
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Hi.  How ish joo?
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